A320 Pre-Simulator Training

Did you know the Airbus 320 accounts for 85% of India’s narrowbody market share? Become an A320 specialist and gain your place among the elite pilot community with Wing Path Aviation Academy’s A320 Pre-sim training program.

    Program Highlights

  • 10 days Online Program

    Our A-320 Pre-sim training program is designed as a 10-day online program covering 45 hours, ensuring that all essential topics are covered and you get the best training to meet the industry requirements

  • Result-oriented Training

    Experts on A320 lead our training program to ensure that each candidate has a comprehensive subject mastery that equips them to play key roles as skilled A320 pilots in the aviation industry.

  • Personal Attention

    You can connect with expert trainers anytime throughout the training duration to ensure you clearly understand each module and the subject matter before proceeding with the A320 endorsement training.

  • Multi-crew Cooperation
  • Jet Orientation
  • A320 Performance
  • A320 System
  • Introduction to Simulation
  • SOP
  • Pre-simulation
  • Normal and Abnormal Procedures
  • Valid DGCA CPL with IR and Multi-Engine Endorsement / ATPL
  • Candidates interested in A320 Endorsement Training

Capt. Ramamoorthy Venkatesan

Capt. Ramamoorthy Venkatesan is an experienced aviation professional who specialises in conducting simulator/flight training sessions for A320 Pilots. His last assignment was with Etihad Airways as an SFI (Synthetic Flight Instructor). He is an expert in imparting training to Pilots on a regular basis. He boasts over 45 years of experience in the aviation industry, beginning his career in Flight Operations and then serving as a Flight Navigator in Airbus and Boeing 737 aircraft, recording over 8000 hours of experience. In 2007, he became a licenced Airline Transport Pilot and served as a captain for King Fisher Airlines, clocking around 3000 hours of flying time. His experience in flying with Airbus has helped him gain exceptional knowledge of Airbus aircraft systems and performance that he now transfers to students as an A320 Type Rating Instructor.

Airlines Associated With

Etihad Airways

Kingfisher Airlines

Indian Airlines

Why should I undergo an A320 pre-sim training?

The A320 (fly-by-wire aircraft) is the leader in the global aircraft narrow-body market. In India, it has around 85% market share. Undergoing A320 pre-sim training can help you gain the necessary skills and knowledge to pilot that Airbus A320 aircraft and boost your chances of securing a rewarding pilot job with many reputed national and international airlines.

What does the A320 pre-sim training program cover?

The A320 pre-sim training program at Wing Path Aviation Academy covers the essential modules pertaining to the fly-by-wire concept, aircraft systems, performance, normal and emergency procedures, aircraft design and operations, crew management, flight control systems and more.

Can I fly an A320 without type-rating certification?

The Commercial Pilot Licence (CPL) is a licence that makes you eligible to fly aircraft as a profession. However, type-rating certification is required to fly specific aircraft, say the Airbus 320. Without the A320 type-rated certification, you will lack the skills and expertise to fly the A320.

  • Duration 10 Days
  • Age 19 Years
  • Qualification 10+2 Pass