Empowering Your Cabin Crew Career Dreams to Take-off

There will be a need for around 6,00,000 new cabin crew members by 2032.

Equip yourself with the skills and knowledge for an exciting career.

Here starts your transformative journey from the ground to cloud nine. With specialised Cabin Crew training, Wing Path Aviation Academy empowers candidates to pursue a rewarding career as an air hostess or flight attendant in reputed international and national airlines. Explore our top-notch training delivered by industry-experienced instructors and pursue the career of your dreams.

    Why Choose Us for Air Hostess Training?

  • Faculty with Industry Experience

    Our instructors are professionals with 15 years of experience serving cabin crew with reputed airlines and delivering cabin crew training at various institutes.

  • Comprehensive Training

    From your appearance to handling passengers, our training methodologies include everything required to develop you into a skilled cabin crew member.

  • Unmatched Support

    We groom you to face interviews with confidence, boosting your chances of getting placed as an air hostess at leading national and international airlines.

  • Accommodation Assistance

    We welcome students from all parts of the country to our unmatched air hostess training program and offer assistance in finding the best accommodation

Discover a meticulously crafted Cabin Crew Training Program that equips aspiring candidates with elite skills and knowledge, setting the stage for ascent in the aviation world.


  • English Enhancer
  • This module aims to improve a student’s command of the English language, especially pronunciation, intonation and fluency, and enhance their public speaking and group discussion skills to attend interviews confidently and clear them.

  • Resume Builder
  • This module aims to help candidates understand the techniques that go into effectively creating a professional resume and present their skills, knowledge, experiences and achievements in a way that attracts the attention of potential employers.

  • Soft skills
  • This module aims to equip candidates with relevant and essential skills that empower personal development, professional success, improved communication, effective teamwork and everything else vital for career advancement and success.

  • Personality Development
  • This module aims to empower candidates to become skilled and effective air hostesses by enhancing their personal and interpersonal skills, improving self-awareness and boosting emotional intelligence essential to working in a professional environment

  • Grooming
  • This module equips candidates with the skills and knowledge for presenting themselves better, including understanding different attires, skin, hair and oral care techniques, grooming practices, professional make-up styles and following social etiquette.

  • Aviation Hospitality
  • This module teaches candidates aspiring to be air hostesses about handling and managing passengers onboard, flight safety protocols, emergency procedures, embarking and disembarking processes and onboard meal service techniques.

  • Announcement Training
  • This module empowers candidates to communicate effectively with passengers to ensure their safety, comfort, and satisfaction aboard a flight, carry out various scripted and un-scripted announcements, and emergency communication.

  • Communication Skills
  • This module aims to help candidates learn the various techniques for effective communication in English, improve their grammar knowledge, improve their greetings and farewells and improve their language skills while at work.

  • First Aid
  • This module teaches candidates the basic first-aid procedures that ensure the safety, health and well-being of passengers and other crew members during flights and equips them to provide immediate care before professional medical is accessible.

  • In-flight Services
  • This module equips candidates with the understanding to provide exceptional in-flight services to passengers while ensuring their safety and comfort and prepares aspiring air hostesses for the real-life challenges they may face on board.

  • Educational Qualification
  • Appeared for or passed 10+2 exams from a recognised board.

  • Age
  • At least 17 years of age at the time of application.

  • Height
  • At least 5’1” (155 cm) for females and 5’5” (168 cm) for males.

  • Language
  • Basic knowledge of English.

Ms Iram Naaz

Our faculty is spearheaded by Ms Iram Naaz, a specialised mentor who focuses on building the skills and knowledge of candidates wishing to pursue exciting careers in the aviation industry. She has gained valuable experience in the aviation and hospitality industries working as a cabin crew with Jet Airways. She has completed 10,000 flying hours on world-class Airbus-330, ATR 72-500 and Boeing -737-700/800/900/900ER. Today, she is engaged in helping others discover the delights and irreplaceable experiences of exploring career opportunities in the Aviation, Travel and Tourism, Hospitality and Logistics and Supply Chain sectors.

How will Air Hostess training at Wing Path Institute help me?

The Air Hostess training at Wing Path Academy for Air Hostess Training, the top air hostess training institute in Bangalore, is focused on helping the candidates enhance their personality and communication skills, enabling them to pursue careers as air hostesses in reputed national and international airlines.

Why do cabin crew have to be a certain height?

A cabin crew or air hostess must be able to reach the overhead bins while in a standing position. It means that candidates should be at least 5’1” (155 cm) in height to enrol for the cabin crew course and become a cabin crew. However, you must note that the minimum height required by different airlines varies.

What does a cabin crew do?

The cabin crew, air hostess or flight attendant has one of the most exciting responsibilities in the aviation industry. Some of the responsibilities of a cabin crew include:

  • Greeting passengers as they board and assisting them in finding their seats efficiently and courteously.
  • Providing clear and concise information about safety procedures and demonstrating the use of safety equipment and emergency exits to ensure passenger awareness and readiness
  • Stowing hand luggage safely and securely in overhead bins and adhering to flight safety regulations.
  • Conducting thorough checks to confirm that all seat belts are fastened and galleys are secure before take-off, guaranteeing passenger safety
  • Make professional announcements on behalf of the pilot, including flight information and other relevant updates to keep passengers informed.
  • Be available to answer passengers' questions and address their needs during the flight, providing a comfortable and pleasant flying experience.

Enrolling on cabin crew training at Wing Path Academy for Air Hostess Training, the leading air hostess training institute in Bangalore, helps you develop the skills and knowledge to carry out the responsibilities mentioned above.

What is the average salary of cabin crew in India?

Working as a cabin crew opens the doors for candidates to enjoy some amazing perks, including a lucrative salary. On average, experienced cabin crew can earn a whooping ₹1.25 lakh per month from leading airlines domestically and internationally.

  • Duration 12 Months
  • Age 17-24 Years
  • Qualification 10+2 Pass